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Interested In Career With The IBEW?

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The IBEW Advantage
If you are a NON-union journeyman Lineman, then you deserve all the benefits that come with being part of an important, essential profession.

The IBEW offers non-union linemen a better life, and we strongly encourage them to explore the many benefits of joining our team – we know YOU will see the difference!

The IBEW Journeyman Lineman Receive

  • Higher Hourly Wages
  • Quality Family Healthcare!
  • Better Retirement Benefits and Pensions!
  • A Strong Voice in the Workplace!
  • Job Security and Satisfaction!
  • Recognition and respect you deserve as a UNION lineman!

Interested In Becoming An IBEW Outside Construction Lineman

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IBEW Construction Linemen: A Career You Can Be Proud Of

Highly Trained Lineman

Outside construction lineman primarily install and maintain the overhead distribution and transmission lines that move electrical power from power plants to local consumers such as businesses, homes and factories. They also install and maintain poles and towers and underground systems.

Transform Your Career

As a UNION outside construction lineman, not only will you be working in an important and exhilarating profession, you will also be able to enjoy a gratifying, life-long career with all the personal and financial benefits that come with being a member of the IBEW!

Lineman Health Benefits

LINECO - is a multi-employer self-funded, self-administered welfare benefit plan set up to provide medical, dental, vision, and disability benefits as well as Life Insurance for outside members of the IBEW working under bargaining agreements between the IBEW and the NECA.

Already a lineman and want a better life?

Get the jobs, pay and benefits you deserve – while receiving IBEW upgrade training that keeps you at the forefront of the industry.

Take The Test

(10th District Requirements)

What Is Needed To Qualify For The Construction Lineman Exam

  • You need either a US DOL certificate from an approved apprenticeship program or proof of 11,000 documented hours in the trade. Accepted documentation of hours can be W2’s, check stubs or tax transcripts.
  • You cannot have been in an IBEW apprenticeship and dropped out. (wait period is 2 years passed their estimated top out date)
  • Your W2’s will be used to calculated hours by taking the gross income and dividing it by your hourly wage for that year.  A check stub from each year is good but not required. If you can’t provide a check stub, then we divide your gross wage by the IBEW journeyman lineman rate for the jurisdiction you are taking the test in.
  • Once those hours are verified, you can take the test.  70% is a passing score.
  • You can retake the test within a month. If you fail 3 times then they have to apply to the apprenticeship.
  • You can’t see the ones you missed except the transformer portion because they are manually graded and score is inputted by the examiner on the electronic test before it is submitted

The electrical training ALLIANCE (previously called NJATC) was created over 70 years ago as a joint training program between the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the IBEW.
Residential Wireman
Journey-Level Worker Lineman
Journey-Level Worker Tree Trimmer
Journey-Level Worker Inside Wireman
Telecommunication VDV Installer-Technician


The National Electrical Annuity Plan (NEAP) was established on December 11, 1973. Both plans provide retirement and related benefits to employees in the electrical industry.  Eligible individuals can receive a pension or disability benefit, separate from Social Security or other pension benefits.  National Electrical Benefit Fund You probably don't realize it but every day you go to work, you are working your way toward your retirement.  On your first day of covered employment, you became a participant in the (NEBF). 

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