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IBEW Union Authorization Card

What is union authorization for representation?  The authorization is a card or petition signed by an employee indicating his or her desire to form a union at their place of employment. The authorization states that the employee “authorizes the IBEW to represent them in collective bargaining."

All information is strictly confidential and never shared with the employer!

Authorization Card

What's is an authorization card?

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Our dedicated staff of Outside Construction Organizers have the experience fighting for workers’ rights across North America. You deserve a voice in the workplace, make the right choice, join the IBEW.

  • The IBEW represents nearly 250,000 utility workers across North America in every aspect of the industry, including:
    • Electricity generation, transmission, and distribution
    • Natural gas and propane production, storage, transmission, and distribution
    • Water and sewage purification
  • Did you know that the IBEW represents the majority of employees at:
    • Organized investor-owned utilities (70%)
    • Organized federal government electric utilities (100%)
    • Organized municipal utilities (76%)
    • Organized utilities in the United States and Canada (83%)
    • Organized rural electric cooperatives (96%)
  • Make the right choice, join thousands of IBEW members working for utility companies like:
    • American Electric Power (AEP)
    • Exelon
    • Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
    • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
  • Why Union? When workers come together as a group, they give themselves a voice in the workplace through a guaranteed contract. Some of the benefits of having a collective bargaining agreement:
    • Higher wages – fair rates of pay, periodic pay increases, shift and grade differentials
    • Better working conditions – job security, safety and health protections, seniority, and fair treatment
    • Reasonable hours – defined work schedules and paid holidays and vacation
    • Solid benefits – health insurance, sick leave, and pension
    • A voice at work – formal steps to settle contract disputes through a set grievance procedure
  • Call center workers
    • The IBEW represents thousands of customer service representatives and operator services employees throughout the industry.
    • Our members are currently working for companies like:
      • DirecTV call centers
      • AT&T call centers
  • Cerical workers
    • The IBEW represents clerical workers employed throughout the utility industry in sectors such as:
      • City municipalities
      • Most utility companies
  • Want to join the IBEW? Interested in an apprenticeship? Contact an organizer in your area for more information.

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